Software architect and developer with solid background on algorithms and computer architecture, and a very good understanding of the interactions between user-mode programs and the Linux kernel. Currently working with highly distributed, large-scale big data analysis software. Past experience includes work on legacy systems in C, full stack web development in PHP and Java, HPC solutions using FPGAs, and highly concurrent C++ financial risk calculation software. I'm a huge fan of static analysis and automated testing as ways of improving quality of life.


C++, C, Python, Perl, PHP, and Java, ordered from most to least recently used.
Fluent English, native Portuguese, full professional proficiency in Italian.

Work Experience

Splunk, London (UK) Senior Principal Software Engineer Sep 2015 - Present

The core Splunk product is a data collection, indexing and search software in C++17. Deployments may include tens of thousands of data-collection agents deployed in remote computers, sending data to thousands of indexing servers, which will back dozens of search servers, with the top layers often clustered to provide high availability. Searches are made with a custom language, providing filtering and aggregation capabilities to the schema-less data stored. The software is available for self-managed use and as a cloud service. In my role as a software engineer at Splunk, I:

Maxeler Technologies, London (UK) Senior Software Architect Jun 2011 - Sep 2015

MTV Networks, Milan (Italy) Web Team Tech Lead May 2010 - Jun 2011

Consultor Jurídico, São Paulo (Brazil) Software Architect Nov 2007 - Feb 2010

Convergys, São Paulo (Brazil) Software Developer Feb 2006 - Mar 2007

Claro, São Paulo (Brazil) Production Senior Analyst Oct 2005 - Feb 2006

Atos Origin, São Paulo (Brazil) Software Engineer May 2004 - Oct 2005

Bull, São Paulo (Brazil) Intern in Software Engineering Apr 2002 - May 2004


Honors and Awards


Failover cluster management using a semi-directional heartbeat mechanism
Co-author in patent filed in 2022
A procedure for semantic queries under the Adaptive Formalism
IEEE Latin America Magazine volume 9, issue 2, 2011
A study on the elementary action of query under the Adaptive Formalism
Memórias do WTA 2009 - Terceiro Workshop de Tecnologia Adaptativa / Escola Politécnica da USP, 2009
Establishment of the semantic context in Natural Language
Anais do I Congresso de Computação da Grande Dourados / Universidade Estadual do MS, 2008