Here you'll find some of my academic work: the papers I co-authored which were accepted for publishing in conferences and magazines.

Establishing the semantical context in text excerpts in Natural Language

Download [in portuguese only]

Article presented in the First Computing Conference of Grande Dourados (CCGD), in 2008. It proposes a method for establishing the subject which a text passage concerns.

A study on the Elementary Action of Query in the Adaptive Formalism

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Presented in 2009, at the Third Adaptive Technology Workshop (WTA), this article proposes a novel approach to the retrieval of structures under the Adaptive Formalism, delineating an algorithm to execute it. Includes a preliminary study on the proposal's algorithmic complexity.

A procedure for semantic querying in the Adaptive Formalism

Download here (or straight from IEEE) [in portuguese only]

Article published in the IEEE Latin America magazine. Continuing the article I presented at the Third Adaptive Technology Workshop (WTA), this paper outlines an algorithm for implementing the proposed method of querying and includes a premilinar study of its algorithmic complexity.